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ALA’s Web Design Survey

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I Took the Survey at ALANot that many other web professionals read this blog, but in the event that one does trip over it…

Nobody really knows about the dynamics of the web as a professional experience – thus spake the incomparable Zeldman who is, for my secular friends, kind of the grand-daddy of the whole web standards movement. (I can say that; he’s slightly older than I am.)

Two years ago, when I mentioned to my partner Rob at our traditional-media-corporate-communications-experiment Wild Imaginations Inc., he greeted it with something just this side of indifference. It wasn’t something that either of us knew anything about. He was happy that I was happy, but that’s about it.

But now we’re growing it. It’s bearing fruit—and it is absolutely compelling. I can’t remember being more excited about a prospect. It’s exhilarating, even though most of the people that I end up working shoulder to shoulder with are a little over twelve and seemingly 100-fold smarter than I am. Scary.

So that’s why this survey is important. And if you’re a web professional: fill it out.

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