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The pen is easier to lose than the sword.

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

UPDATE: It was under the couch cushions. Oops.


Well, that does it. I have officially lost one too many of these damn things.

I have been touting the Fisher Spacepen for over a year now – But even when Flaschner was kind enough to remind me that they were extremely loseable I kept on using – and losing them.

I’m now up to five. Five Space Pens that I have loved and lost.

The most recent one went awol sometime over the past two days. It happened one of three places:

  • At Trivia Night at the Brogue Monday night. Possible. There was Guiness involved.
  • At a client meeting with senior management of a major hotel company on Tuesday morning. Possible but unlikely. This particular VP rarely steals things from me.
  • Somewhere in my travels – I was wearing the kind of pants that have the kind of pocket that could spit out this kind of pen. Damn.

The whole reason I carry the things is because they’re so convenient. When closed, they sit in your pants pocket, the smooth edges not long enough to perform surgery on you while seated but with a great feel in the hand when open.

So – if you know of this pen’s whereabouts – I’m talking to you fellow reprobates that frequent a certain watering hole for pub quiz – let me know.

If not, I’m off to Essence du Papier. To try again.

Quick Post – New Category – Big-time catharsis…

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Well, I hate to get all negative so early into this blog, but here is the first of hopefully not many peeves.

Driving back from the city, I heard a radio ad that used the “ping” sound – the little ding-like sound that warning systems on late-model cars like mine use. That’s right, just before they announced the brand – which I have intentionally erased from my memory – there was two pings that made my eye immediately dart to my dashboard control panel … and my heart skip a beat. (My car is not exactly a late-model – but it pings. And it has over 200k, so something ping-worthy could happen at any given moment.)

Now I respect the need to brand their radio spots with an audio sting that’s unique and memorable. But that sound. C’mon. Dirty pool – and I’ll bet I’m not the only driver out there that gets bugged about it.

Now that I’m at it – I’m not thrilled with cellphone rings being featured on the radio either. More than once I’ve gone for the hip before I realized that it’s just part of a radio spot’s soundscape.

I think it’s time to start broadcasting my ipod feed the stereo and forget about commercial radio…

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