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Vintage Wine and Memories

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Withnail: Monty used to act.
Monty: I’d hardly say that. It’s true I crept the boards in my youth, but I never had it in my blood, and that’s what so essential isn’t it? The theatrical zeal in the veins. Alas, I have little more that vintage wine and memories.

Somewhere in the ephemera of my collected life are boxes and envelopes containing the remnants of my public turn as an actor. I generally don’t think about them much, but occasions such as the 40th Anniversary of the St. Lawrence Centre inspire one to dig out the boxes. I happened to find a couple of nuggets in a file folder here at the office.

My first show at the Centre was in 1984: Privates on Parade. The following year I did Cecil Philip Taylor’s And A Nightingale Sang, but these shots are from the last show I did at the Centre in 1986, Talley & Son (A Tale Told) with Donald Davis. It was a thrill to work with such an experienced actor and an incredible cast.

But even better, it was the show that Carol McCartney came to see me in, and soon after we went on our first date … we’ve been together ever since.

That’s the value of these things, I guess. They put our lives into an historical context that—hopefully—makes us smile. This one sure does…

Talley and Son Playbill Cover
The original Playbill for the show.

Talley & Son Cast, Theatre Plus, Toronto 1986
The Cast – l to r: Jesse Collins, Ken James, Charmion King, Marcia Tratt, Donald Davis, David Ferry, Deborah Kipp, Cynthia Belleveau

Photo Credit Robert C. Ragsdale, f.r.p.s.

Jesse C
Jesse Collins as Timmy Talley

“Talley & Son (A Tale Told)” by Lanford Wilson, Theatre Plus Toronto 1986

Directed by Hutch Shandro; Artistic Director, Malcolm Black; Co-director, David Ferry

Photo Credit Robert C. Ragsdale, f.r.p.s.

My First Ride

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Murph dropped me a line about noticing a ’62 Plymouth Valiant on the road today and being struck by how ugly it was. It got me thinking about a post I’d been meaning to put up for quite awhile. A short tribute to the best car I ever owned. Flat-head 6, the last year of the 6-Volt battery and front-seat like a living room sofa: my 1954 Pontiac Pathfinder. The grill was a little dinged, and I was missing a headlight rim. Replaced that rim once from the Barrie Flea Market but hit a deer on Highway 12 and that was that the end of it.

It was a two-door coupe with a mint interior. What a beauty.

And it was also the perfect car to do bad James Dean impersonations in front of…

My First Car - 1954 Pontiac Chieftain

Wikipedia has a great entry about my first car.

Some of the more interesting optional items available for the first generation Chieftain included a radio with seven vacuum tubes, tissue dispenser, under seat heaters, and a Remington Auto-Home shaver.

Ah, those were the days!

Mind you – mine never looked this buff:

When I haven't been fishing, I've been looking at these on the dial-up: