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The Monty Hall Problem

Friday, April 27th, 2007

There is a very cool online back-up service called Mozy that I was in the process of researching and signing up for, when I was hit with the importance of Value Added on the web. I happened to have a quick look at Mozy’s blog, and discovered a very cool post about the Monty Hall Problem. Now, anyone who knows me knows that math is not my strong suit. I am functionally math-illiterate, and break out in a cold sweat when I try to get my head around math problems.

As I read the post in question, I began to get that old drowning feeling, but then they had a very cool little app to demonstrate the probability of the problem. And I began to get it. Now, this has nothing to do with Online Backup of important computer data, but it did implicitly tell me that the company I was considering for this service could communicate to me in a way that I could understand. That’s great sales.

Check out their post about the Monty Hall Problem. It’s great.

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