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“Feeney, get out your book!”

Well, we met the new addition to the family! In a beautiful stone farmhouse set in the South West of the province, we were picked by a pup whose name is now Ignatius Feeney. Here’s his first photo:


He’s an Irish Wheaten Terrier bred by Wayne & Susan Kemp of Marayne Wheatens in Drumbo. Their dogs are gorgeous and their approach to rearing and raising them is exactly in step with ours. Just a few weeks old, he’s still feisty and full of beans. Like his namesake, he has a ton of character.

Jack MacGowran

Jack MacGowran

Ignatius Feeney is the character that Jack MacGowran plays in John Ford’s The Quiet Man, Squire Danahar’s right-hand man.
The name is an homage to the concept of the faithful companion—which we have no doubt that this Feeney will become for our family. (Let’s forget for the moment that he bets against his master at the end of the film; that’s another story…)

So now we wait with anticipation until he’s old enough to make the journey to our house, and leave his mom Remy—an absolutely amazing example of a terrier. I could’ve taken Remy home, she was so welcoming and affectionate. It’s going to be nice to have a sidekick again.

Feeney (left) stands by his boss...

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