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Time to Smile

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Poring over some newsfeeds this morning, I followed a link to the first video to be released from Guantonomo. Without thinking, I stumbled upon a scenario that took my breath away, and after a few frames of watching a weeping 16-year-old, my shaking hand stopped the images.

It hung over me like a damp blanket. I couldn’t get my mind off the brutality of the world in which we live, off of why nations wage war against nations, or at how terrorism and counter-terrorism supposedly define the “new normal”.

And then—just as unsuspectingly—I tripped over this. A project called Where the Hell is Matt?. I can’t describe it, other than to say for the duration of this video, I smiled, and cried, and ultimately felt an overwhelming sense of joy and hope.


To watch the video in High Quality—and I strongly suggest it—go to the YouTube page and be sure to select Watch Video in High Quality just below the video.

“Where the Hell is Matt” YouTube Page

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