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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Well, I hate to get all negative so early into this blog, but here is the first of hopefully not many peeves.

Driving back from the city, I heard a radio ad that used the “ping” sound – the little ding-like sound that warning systems on late-model cars like mine use. That’s right, just before they announced the brand – which I have intentionally erased from my memory – there was two pings that made my eye immediately dart to my dashboard control panel … and my heart skip a beat. (My car is not exactly a late-model – but it pings. And it has over 200k, so something ping-worthy could happen at any given moment.)

Now I respect the need to brand their radio spots with an audio sting that’s unique and memorable. But that sound. C’mon. Dirty pool – and I’ll bet I’m not the only driver out there that gets bugged about it.

Now that I’m at it – I’m not thrilled with cellphone rings being featured on the radio either. More than once I’ve gone for the hip before I realized that it’s just part of a radio spot’s soundscape.

I think it’s time to start broadcasting my ipod feed the stereo and forget about commercial radio…

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